Coulourblind Capers!

Whenever I am in Delhi for the weekends, I usually take mummy shopping. She and I visit all kinds of places including eating joints- splurging on momos, fruit beer and gol gappe. Today we had gone to Dilli Haat near AIIMS. Ma wanted a particular colour shade to match to the sample that she had, and we went through a lot of bundles of cloth. The shopkeeper put forward some 5 shades which all looked the same to me, ultimately Ma had to flag down other women strolling nearby to help her select the closest match- because I was being of no help to her. I couldnt differentiate between blue, green, greenish blue, bluish green and turquoise shades. Women have such an eye for detail- the colours seemed to be all identical to me. While we were away to Dilli Haat, Papa decided to give me a surprise- when we returned home I found that my father had the seat covers of my car changed. My car is royal blue, almost black, and has grey interiors. The seat covers that Papa selected are alternating broad stripes of sunrise red and bright yellow. That just about drives my point home.

~ by sleepwalker on November 4, 2005.

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