Emotive mountains

Bwaaaaaaahh aaaaaaaaaaahhaaaa 😦 I miss Shimla. On MTV Roadies today, those guys rode upto Shimla, they stayed at “Asia the Dawn”, and for the treasure hunt they had to goto The Lift, then the Scandal Point and then the Mahatama Gandhi Statue. The roadies had to find a person wearing a red undie, near the BSNL building! Shimla is charming- even though it has become overpopulated and commercialized, I remember having Butter Chicken and the Goofa restaurant, Pastries at Baljees, Birthday Parties at Jashn restaurant, Candy floss on the way to Jhakhoo. That Chinese shoe shop at the mall, lower Shimla and the crowds, Lakkar bazar and all those memento’s hanging there. Endless endless walks near IGMC Shimla, the Shimla Kali Bari and the Grand Hotel where Grandad used to stay every year when he visited Shimla. The town hall where all friends used to sit, with our jackets off, tied around our necks- lounging at the stairs- as guys do, lolling over each other. The BSNL building and Devicos. I remember that there was a furniture shop building near Kathleeghat which used to be visible from the 3 kilometre road from wakna to the uni. There is a Nawab’s palace at Chail, which has now been converted into a Hotel, its absolutely awesome. I remember that once we had gone to Kufri to experience the snow. The highway was closed due to the intense snowfall and all vehicles were slipping, we were frozen to the core of every nucleus off all cells in our bodies, I had even brought back 2-3 KG’s of snow for a friend, carefully handling it so that it did not melt during the 40 kilometer ride back to JUIT Wanaghat, kept the packet in the Convenience Shop freezer. She asked me for it the first thing in the morning on the next day, and was so overwhelmed when I gave it to her that she did not even touch it!

~ by sleepwalker on November 22, 2005.

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  1. saale comberemere wali episode to likh tha .tere waje se hum saare log beijjath hogaye. yaad nahi aaye

  2. Oye satish, meri wajah se kaise beijjat hue thhey?? Rakesh ki wajah se hue thhey, he took us there…
    Accha the episode is like this:
    We became very bold and went to Combermere one day, walked in, decended through the lift and went inside the posh restaurant, saw the rates and the menu almost dropped from our hands! We were 5 people in all and since we were students living alone, so I guess we couldnt afford to eat such expensive food, so we took the simplest way out… we asked them if they served south indian food.. they said “no” coz it wasnt on the menu, so we just got up and asked them for a good place to have idli dosa, took their recommendations and walked out!

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