Leaving Home

Once upon a time, i was a britney spears loving guy, liked her music and all that. It took me long to realize that her music lacked depth. As time evolved, I turned to Bon Jovi then Dido and Westlife, but no music touched me as much as Kandisa did. Its a hymn and has been performed by the Indian Ocean. Kandisa was a great album and had more good music especially the instrumental “Leaving Home” and also “Ma Reva”. There is something about Indian Ocean’s music that touches a chord somewhere within me- its a mix of rock and classical, drums and sitar, tabla and guitar, all take equal preference. I used to listen to Kandisa at full blast at home, whenever I came back from JUIT. My mom used to say that everytime the neighbours heard this song, they knew that dizzy is back home for vacations!
My favourite albums- Earth Calling, Mitti and Kandisa- soulful music!


~ by sleepwalker on November 24, 2005.

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