Embarassing dosa!

Since Sat mentioned it while commenting on the “Emotive Mountains” post, I am going to describe the Combermere incident here. We were all bold and brashful in our first year at JUIT and one fine Saturday, we decided to visit Shimla for a change of palette from the mess food. It was around lunchtime and the sky was overcast, it was about to rain. We were all feeling hungry walking down the mall, then somebdy suggested that we have lunch at the Combermere. We walked in, descended the escalator and entered the restaurant. The first thing I noticed was the array of different forks and knives next to the plates at our table. We all sat down and looked at the menu, and we almost dropped it after looking at the high prices. We exchanged glances and thought the plan of escape. I noticed that the menu did not mention idly dosa etc. I asked the waiter if they served South Indian food and thankfully he said “no”. We took the waiter’s recommendation for a good southie restaurant and simply walked out with our izzat and wallet intact!

~ by sleepwalker on November 26, 2005.

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