The Ladies Man!

My father’s office had been computerized since I was a very very small kid, but now they are moving over from the command line UNIX version to the Windows platform. Today dad called me over as he couldnt open an email attachment. Its so exciting for the office people to forward emails to each other, as they have just got official email accounts. The ladies in papa’s department were fussing all around me, calling me to their workstations and asking me to help them view attachments, and to teach them to install screensavers and change the wallpapers. Everybody was so happy when I gave them a CD full of photos which they could use as desktop backgrounds. I got treated to endless cups of coffee and some samosas. All the ladies bade me goodbye when I left and asked me to come again next week. It felt great to be in demand, finally I am a ladies man!

~ by sleepwalker on December 12, 2005.

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