Distant memories

I remember when I was a 4~5 year old kid, there was a stray dog in the nieghbourhood who used to bark ferociously at me. One day a ga and me decided that we needed to teach that dog a lesson. We collected small pebbles and tightly wrapped them in leaves and tied them up with rubber bands, we left this contraption on the road reasoning that the dog wud think of them to be “paan” and all his teeth will get broken while chewing at this “paan” look alike.
I remember that once in October-November 2002 JUIT, Waknaghat was hit with the “ghost fever”, and everybody used to stay indoors at night lest the evil ghost haunting the campus attack them. Students used to very scared and some of them even made up phoney encounter stories. Viky and I used to walk around the campus at 2 AM hoping to meet up with the ghost. It had another benefit, during our night wanderings we could closely examine the Jaypee industries helicopter ‘Gagaputra’.
I remember once I had gone to Kufri and a young couple requested me to take their photograph while they kissed, I hope that picture came out well.


~ by sleepwalker on December 17, 2005.

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