The title is a hindi word for confused helplessness. The state of indecisiveness, when its not known what should be done. No definite decision can be made. I am in that state right now. I need to talk with somebody, but I dont know whom to talk with and what to talk about. Vacations are a lonely time, all classmates go back to their respective hometowns, and I am left alone in Delhi. I guess college time is better, despite of all tensions and frustrations, coz I am distracted enough to get my mind off stuff that I can never seem to forget otherwise. Nowadays I am not cheerful anymore, every small thing bothers me and most of the time I am exasperated due to something or the other. I hope this time passes by soon. Heard Shubha Mudgal’s song “Jheel”. Its awesome. I had an onyx silver ring made today, this is supposed to protect me from something bad that shall happen to me, as written in my janam-patri.


~ by sleepwalker on December 18, 2005.

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