Dilli, meri jaan

Today I traveled in the new high capacity buses introduced by the DTC {a neon sign inside the bus read “beware of peak pokets”}, its just like the inside of a Delhi metro coach. Delhi shall do a complete about turn in a few years I tell ya. The queen of england shall be surprised if she were to pass by this place again, imagine the cheek of that woman to to call Delhi dirty while on a visit to India, some years back. Hey we know that Delhi is dirty, but she saw it as a fit ‘thank you’ for all the ‘athiti satkar’. Delhi is actually beautiful, especially the Lutyens portions, all around teen murti, president house, lodhi road, India Gate, North Block, Lok Sabha and CP. There is something in CP that just attracts me to it, I remember that I used to roam all around that place during winter vacations some years back. There is this incredible energy- as soon as the the police come over all hawkers pack their wares and disappear within a few minutes, and they are back as soon as the danger abates. The next place where I like to hang out is the Basant Lok, priya complex. Even though all the upmarket crowd hangs out there with their pretended coolness and fake satisfaction, but it throbs with the pulse of the youth. Sarojini Nagar is a different experience altogether, with solid bargaining skills, everything can be got for a decent price. It makes for quite an entertainment watching college girls haggle for a good price for a trendy backless top. Delhi also offers lots of options for eating out and I am a die hard foodie, my girth is growing in size and my mom says that I wouldnt be able to see my feet soon coz my stomach would obstruct my view. Delhi’s on-road life is pretty good, noida and ghaziabad lack this quality.

~ by sleepwalker on December 21, 2005.

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  1. It makes for quite an entertainment watching college girls haggle for a good price for a trendy backless top.

    Hehe ..Nicely written there.
    Yup..CP and Basant Lok are simply the BESt places to hang around in Delhi. But lately, Basant Lok seems to have too many people..

  2. for me, basant lok lost its charm long ago since its nearby and I have been going there since my “bachpan” days.

  3. great write up, i wonder why there isn’t a single song on delhi like ae dil hai mushkil…..yeh hai bombay meri jaan, aren’t there enough delhi lovers out there?

  4. hi swagata, i guess nobody is fond enuff on delhi to compose something about it. I like delhi, but dont miss it at all if I am in a quieter place..

  5. Hi to All,

    Delhi…you come here, study, get a job, and end up settling down. Is this the same case with other so called cities!!!!!!! I don’t think so. Delhi actually holds a treasure, and one can take his/ her entire life to unfold the same. Trust me I would love to leave my ashes behind in our loving Delhi.

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