Life is so boring and turns even boringer {?!!} every minute, there is nothing to do, nobody to meet, nothing to eat and no places to visit. Even though I hate my present college life, but at times like these I realise that it keeps me busy and it keeps me sane. Vacations end on 9th January 2006. I have turned to reading novels by Johanna Lindsey nowadays, her stories are quite romantic and even border the erotic at times, but have some wicked humour too! many nights have been spent quietly chuckling at the way she paints her stories. Connaught Place is seeing a lot of me nowadays as I take a lift from dad to visit CP every week. Waiting for “Rang de Basanti” to be released. Saw “Love Actually” on Christmas, and it is pretty nice actually. I think I am going crazy actually.


~ by sleepwalker on December 27, 2005.

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