Conversations between me and I

Lately I had been having some confusion about how my life should proceed further now that I am on the brink of my graduation. Most people make their decisions well in time and stride towards their goals. But I do everything at the last moment, unplanned paths keep me mediocre. This new year shall witness the array of choices that have to be made. My parents decided that today morning was a good time that I be taken to task about how careless I have been about my health. College leaves virtually no time for breakfast and this is what needs to be changed. I have grown round and have been teased mercilessly about my gol-gappa face. I have got a semi-broadband connection at noida, coz I guess computer engineering needs internet to satisfy all academic wants. This shall be my 3rd experiment with ISP’s in the past one year, but hopefully now connectivity shall be more reliable.

This time I dont want to dwell on the year that was, it had its ups and deep pitfalls. It was okay while it lasted and now its time to remix my life. College starts in a few days. I guess I need to consider myself a grown dude now, although I still believe thats its my bachpan. Its a small step for a man, but a giant leap for a kid.

~ by sleepwalker on January 1, 2006.

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