Temples of tagged confusion!

Its awesomely cold in delhi, and the minimum temperature has gone down to 1 degree celcius. Delhi has become colder than shimla. College has started and its a real chore getting up in the near freezing morning temperatures to get ready. In the past few days, I assembled a computer for my relatives, I made up the whole thing after much labour and imagine the horror when I realised that I had forgotten to buy the power cord.
The confusion part: It had been one of my friend’s birthday last week, lets call her S, but in my absent mindedness I thought that it was M’s birthday instead of S. I sat down with S a day before and planned out everything for M’s birthday the next day, without realising that M’s birthday was 6 months away. Anyways, the next day was a shock for which I felt really ashamed. The staff at pizza hut made S stand atop a chair while they sang “happy birthday”, S was blushing like a red beacon light atop some ministers ambassador car! Then all of us had some faux champaign.. I was carrying the cake to the venue when suddenly my cellphone rang, I was so surprised by the vibrator that I dropped the cake upside down in its cardboard box, the result was that it didnt remain as a black forest cake anymore. The day ended with all of us visiting the Akshardham mandir. The temple is really awesome, a lot of skill and effort has gone into it, we saw the water show too in the evening in which all the phases of life (birth, adolescence, marriage, life, old age and death) were depicted using water fountains, music and lights. It was one of the most memorable days ever!

And now the tag. Have been tagged by Debalina.
20 Things about me.
1. I love the cold
2. I love the dark.
3. I dont drink or smoke and hate people who loose control after doing so
4. I like to study architecture and admire workmanship
5. had a real fascination for the harappan civilisation and had dreams about it when I was a kid
6. hope to visit egypt one day and discover a real mummy.
7. I am a compulsive foodie, love to gorge on street food, gol-gappe (pani-puri), momos etc.
8. When I was a cute little kid, my sister used to trouble me a lot and once I called the police.
9. Angst and despair brings out the best in me. when I am happy I dont do even one productive thing.
10. I want to learn salsa and to play the voilin, but I guess I’d be able to get time for it only once I finish college.
11. I dont know how to drive a motorcycle, although would like to learn to do so.
12. I hope to drive to Leh and Ladhak one day.


~ by sleepwalker on January 9, 2006.

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