The limit of paranoia!

Net has transformed my life, now that I have taken a DSL package I am almost always online and connectivity is consistent and reliable. Have been downloading movies like crazy in the past week and have watched many favourites. College has become extremely boring, there are only 3 lectures a day, but the free time between classes is 2-3 hours. I get so frustrated while waiting for the next lecture that I decide to miss all of them and come back home to sleep. Although I had vowed not to criticize college anymore, but I guess some stuff just makes me go crazy. I’d like to term this phenomenon as paranoida – paranoid at noida. The students mess has been separated into more partitions now – hostellers, day-ski’s and gals . Next in line I guess would be separate faculty rooms for female and male teachers, separate classrooms and staircases for girls and boys and slowly a boundary wall would be built dividing all facilities into half. etc. etc. About two years ago we had separate entry gates into the college for girls and boys. I guess if this trend continues, we shall reach back to the dinosaur age soon.


~ by sleepwalker on January 14, 2006.

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