Prejoining Jitters!

My employer conducted a two day workshop for us, the fresh new recruits who’d be joining the company as software engineers in July 2006. I liked the way they conducted the workshop and introduced us to corporate culture. The dress code was business formals, and everybody looked so grown up! They gave us tips on how we should prepare for the appraisal system at place in and how tough training would be as classes would start at 6 AM and end late evening. Both the facilitators laid stress on interactions between the sexes. Life appears to have taken a roller coaster ride, the workdays would be 12 – 14 hours with strict assessment, and the transition from the college to corporate environment. We all were also instructed to get used to south indian food, coz thats what we wud be eating daily at Hyd and a list of dishes was also given! At a point of time, three seemingly random numbers {358, 216, 116} were projected onscreen and students were asked to find their significance, later we came to know that the facilitators were just pulling our leg as 358 was India’s current score, 216 for Virender Sehwag and 116 for Dravid, in the cricket match which was being played while were were attending the workshop.

~ by sleepwalker on January 18, 2006.

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