The forgotten theatre

Continuing with the Rang de Basanti part. The acting is just so genuine. College students shall totally identify with the situations. The way those guys act in the first half, is exactly how we all do in college life. The aliases that have been kept {“puchhu”}, the way everybody loves to dance, the way they ate paratha’s in their college premises, those late nights, the screaming the howling and minor stupidities, the romances and spending time away from each other. This is all what makes college life so magical. As Diljeet (Amir Khan) says “college ke gate inside hum life ko ghoomate hain, life ko nachate hain, and gate ke outside life humko ghoomati nachati hai”. So true. Its only 3 months left to go for college life to end.
One of the best places in my college to catch up with all the latest happenings is Gupta ji parathe wale shack. Set up in a trampoline tied to the branches of a tree, it provides gobhi paratha, paneer and aloo paratha with butter, mint chutney and pickle. The college has 3 lecture theatres, for big lectures. A friend of mine, Mahi, has dubbed Gupta’s shack as Lecture theatre 4, there is always high attendance at LT-4. People that I didnt even knew were enrolled in college, can be seen here in the college uniforms, sitting on the trampoline laid on the ground, enjoying hot paratha’s. Sometimes, mess food is a bit messy. Hence the shack is popular, even with girls, who dont enter the place, but rather order their food outside and sit on the road divider to eat. Will post some photos soon.

~ by sleepwalker on January 29, 2006.

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