Total Quality Mismangement

In college we have a subject called “Total Quality Management” in which we aim to study the quality standards of the industry and how to follow quality models. As usual as soon as the major exams approach, we are given a project with guidelines that the final report should be “colourful, have graphs and should be minimum 10 pages long”. The project is that we have to take up a company, visit their offices and hand out “separate questionires to shop floor people and high level management” so that we can have a better idea about quality management systems in place. Absolutely no company has time to entertain college students, or have 10 of their employees devote time to us answering some questions. Anyways, rhetorical questions like “why would companies entertain us” set aside, we decided to walk into the head office of Adobe systems India located at Noida. The guards did not let us into the premises, not even to meet the receptionist. They gave us a phone number and told us to clear out. We called on the given number and were told to “get lost”. Right across the road from Adobe is the office of Reliance Energy, we went there and then the same story, the guards didnt let us meet the receptionist. We were again given a phone number, which we called and were made to listen to an incessant pinging of the “happy birthday” song. Finally somebody responded, and after listening to half a sentence transferred us to somebody else. We explained to this new person that we were students and were immediately laughed at as to why software engineers were conducting door to door surveys. Anyways, we explained that we were standing on the road outside their premises and wanted permission to enter their office to meet the receptionist and take an appointment with some official. The person at the other line told us to wait for an hour on the road and then call him again and he would then think about it if someone should entertain us or not, hmmmm. So the next place we tried was “Essel Shyam Communications” in sector 62. where we were told by the guards at the gate that we would not be allowed to see the receptionist unless we had an appointment. Anyways the guards we kind enough to let us use their own epbax to talk to some lady who then explained to us that we should come after two months as the organisation was very busy at this moment. “College ke gate ke outside life humko ghoomati hai, nachati hai”, so true na.


~ by sleepwalker on January 31, 2006.

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  1. Really… seems to be a difficult but not to worry…. 🙂

    I’ll give you an idea.. write about SIFY BroadBand, they also have ISO 9002… all the SIFY customers will provide you with the SIFY reviews 😉

  2. Haye mere bhagwan! ankur ko toh bus ek bahana chahiye meri tang kheenchne ka!
    sify and quality…. both words are antonyms……

  3. hey dizzy
    this is umar….well m lukin forward to do computer engg frm jiit noida. wanted to know frm u bout da collgge. i mean da placements etc. so if u cud plz temme if it iz worth doing engg from jiit. mail me at umars_link [at]

    thnkx a lot

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