Ever been in love?

I am in love… with… Tam Hanks. The character he has played in “The Terminal”, Viktor Narvoski from the country of Krakhozia.. it is just awesome. Ohh Man the guy is brilliant, the way he has protrayed Viktor stranded on the airport, eating out of food carts, collecting quarters on luggage trolley refunds, living in the passenger terminal. He doesnt even know the english language, and yet he does everything possible to survive. The airport security director playes a Boman Irani-ish role from “Mnunna bhai”, being a spoilsport all along to the innocent Tom Hanks. In the end, Viktor (Tom Hanks) doesnt get the girl (Catherine Zeta Jones). Waiting for “Da Vinci Code” to be released in which Tom Hanks shall play Robert Langdon. It would be a long wait till May or June. The guy is just simply brilliant.

~ by sleepwalker on February 3, 2006.

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