Life from a different perspective

Life was turning monotonous and stagnant in the past few months, thus there was this overwhelming need to change the angle of viewing everything. The first thing this applied to was the show of Rang de Basanti. Even though I had already watched the movie but since mom wanted to see it so we caught it again 11 PM to 2 AM show at PVR Priya, and watched the movie from a different angle…. from the angle of of a front stall viewer sitting in the second row from the screen {my neck hurts till now}, the show was a complete sell out and there were no other seats. From such a close range everything seemed distorted, the body of the characters seemed so huge and their faces seemed very very small. It was like watching Aamir Khan, Mahadevan, Soha Ali etc act while I sat between their legs looking up at their faces. Noticed a continuity error too, I saw the rifle in the dustbin before they were actually shown throwing their guns into the bin- when at the All India Radio office. The place where I live at Delhi had organised a Fest, and Jal the Pakistani band was supposed to come. (I just love these guys (they always sing sad songs, and their songs are always romantic)). So Jal didnt come due to the strike at the Airports in India, enjoyed a Sufi qawalli instead and just loved it. And then there was the Shubha Mudgal shastriye sangeet concert today. I never knew I would like these things too, but I guess I have grown up a little, just a little more than yesterday.


~ by sleepwalker on February 5, 2006.

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