Astitva ki khoj

Shayad mera jeevan ek patang ki tarah hai. oonchai pane ke bad jiski dori kaat di gayi ho aur apna jahan dhoodhne ke liye chhor diya gaya ho. Hawaien jahaan usse le chalein wahi uska ghar hota hai, iss anseemit akaash mein apni seema ko pane ki koshish karti hui voh patang nahi janti ki paristhitiyan usse kahaan le jayengi. Duniya ki is bheedh mein mera astitva kahin kho sa gaya hai, shayad dhundhula gaya hai. Par ek ehsas hai ki shayad main apne astitva ko pehchan paoon aur vo kar paoon jo mere liye sahi hoga. I am watching my life as if I am a third person observing myself from far off. The zest is alive and maybe I can make something better of myself. I am happy with everything happening around me, yet there is some confusion. The real world is so bogus, nothing is for real, human emotions are so unpredictable while human life itself volatile. Where can peace be found. Somebody says- in God. But God himself is a power created by man to give a reason to anything that cannot be comprehended by the human brain. No, I am definitely not religious, but maybe ‘m spiritual. I am happy, my mind is at peace, yet I dont know what peace is. Is literacy actually education? Does knowing about java, operating systems, fuzzy logic and software engineering – make me a learned man? Does it actually make me a better human being in some way? Unsure and Confused.

~ by sleepwalker on February 9, 2006.

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