Dusty Entanglement…..

Today, after a long time – I opened the windows of my room. Noida is a dusty place with “mini-dust” storms taking place all day. A layer of dust collects in the room within an hour after I wipe and sweep everything. So I try to keep my room as isolated as possible. The situation is bad in the summers when the hot dry summer wind picks up the dust and throws it at everybody’s faces leaving the mouth filled with grit and the face dripping with sweat. My favourite season, the winter, is now almost over. Aah the carefree of joys of living alone {make my room a mini-hell within a week} throwing clothes everywhere, using discarded floppies and disks as coasters for the endless cups of night coffee {I wonder why coffee is so good for concentration?}. Usually when I sleep at night – I push whatever is lying on the bed, to one side and and make a little place for myself to be comfy and when I wake up in the morning, I find my legs entangled in wires and leads. Today I did sweep the entire room down, and got everything organised, but I can see everything turning back to “normal”. The computer is the only source of entertainment and songs keep playing at all possible odd hours. Many a times there is nothing to eat when I feel hungry and I feel too lazy to walk to the marketplace, which I guess must be about a KM away. So the best bet is to roll off and sleep even during the day time, until pangs of hunger force me to dress up and go to eat something. The last of the theoretical exams of engineering are here, with the final exams – of Fuzzy logic & neural networks, Object oriented software engineering and Total quality management – being just a short 5 days away. The next three months shall be devoted entirely to the research project on “Quantum Information Theory – Entanglement” as in the universal string theory. There shall be a panel viva on the research project at the end of May.

~ by sleepwalker on February 13, 2006.

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