Games couples play!

Saw a couple walking together at shipra last week, while observing from the fourth floor balcony of a friends apartment. The girl stopped to look at some clothes at a shop window, and the guy decided to play a game. He disappeared behind some parked cars nearby and watched for the reaction of the girl. She kept on looking at the window without noticing that he was gone, twirled her finger around the glass wall, maybe imagining how she would look in that dress. Spoke something assuming the guy was behind her, stopped speaking and looked around, her eyes not finding him. Then she continued looking at the shop window. He, meanwhile watched hidden from view, expecting her to come looking for him. She walked to the next shop window, turning around once or twice, but never really searching for him. He followed her from behind the line of parked cars, but always hidden from her sight. She abruptly walked to a rickshaw standing nearby and climbed aboard, the rickshaw puller started pedaling. The guy looked at her agape, as the rickshaw moved away. He looked pained, confused and unwanted. He looked here and there a bit disorganisedly, wondering what to do next. She repented, halted the rickshaw and called him up on his mobile. He walked over and sat onto the rickshaw beside her. They both talked quietly for a minute, then she smiled. The guy looked around, his expressions turning from disillusioned to goofy. Then he smiled too. Happy Valentines Day to both of you, wherever you are. You dont know me and I dont know you too, but I observed your antics quietly. I tried to gesture to the girl where the guy was hiding, but she didnt notice me, standing so far above in the balcony.


~ by sleepwalker on February 14, 2006.

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