Social functions really send me back into my shell. Had to attend consecutive weddings last week, for three continuous days. Although I enjoy a lot at weddings, especially of somebody close- with the dance and all the leg pulling of the girls side by the boys side and vice versa, but then when the person getting married is not close to you then the involvement in such activities is nearly non existent. Hunted down by pangs of boredom, its just a matter of observing people to pass the time. The competition between young girls and females in early twenties, at weddings, is basically about whose heels are higher and whose sari is backless. Then the middle aged ladies, who head towards the stage where the bride and groom smile endlessly and the ladies give them these “shagun” envelopes with a rupee coin stuck onto them, then getting off the stage- all these ladies huddle around and discuss whose son is in which job and whose daughter is working overseas. The men hang out sometimes discussing the stock market or concentrating on their drinks. And people like me, occupy the sides and watch other people.


~ by sleepwalker on February 23, 2006.

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  1. Good Observations…
    But still in today’s marriage… music is so loud … mostly u can’t even hear what the person next to you is saying !

  2. hello sir….
    u had observed alot…….but don’t u think dat sumthing is missing. wat abt d one jiski shadi me aap gaye the……..apne uske bare me kuch likha hi nahi.

  3. yes neha ure right, i didnt write about the guy who got married, it was the most important day of his life. The person is in my extended family. The guy went abroad when i was very little and so for the most part of my life, I havent interacted with him and there is very little that I actually know about him.

  4. dizzy !
    Previously also some persons have been addressing u as Sir, so r u a teacher or a student in ur college 😀

  5. hello sir
    do u write poems?

  6. //Ankur: thats a respectful way of addressing college seniors.
    //Neha: not poems. but I love to write short stories sometimes.

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