Random thoughts

..Love all the songs of the Pakistani band “Jal”, well most of the music is from a guitar and drums, so words can be heard clearly. Downloaded as many of their compilations as I could get from various sources. Their songs have some genuine appeal to them- like they were not sung for solely commercial purposes.
..Have been playing “Ludo” championships with friends. Havent played ludo since past 10 years or more. Never knew it could be so exciting!
..Driving in Noida is turning out to be the latest version of Road Rash. Its really tough in the mornings, with all the cyclists driving in the dead center of the road and people crossing over without even looking out for vehicular traffic.
..Life is easy going, since research is on and going to college is optional. Suddenly I have loads of time on my hands and this usually goes into watching movies. Seen you’ve got mail, dance with me and dirty dancing.
..Had the urge to have chicken biryani since many days, but then this bird flu scare came up, and now it shall take another 6 months for everything to get back to normal…. I miss those good old days of spicy chicken curry..
..A bachpan friend, with whom I used to play on tricycles, make figures in the wet sand and dig up the public park in the hunt for buried treasure – she is getting married day after tomorrow. Until a week back there were no plans for marriage, then suddenly everything was fixed up and within a span of 6 days all stuff was arranged.
..Went to Akshardham temple recently, its good, nicely built creation of man. Although it was surprising that such a modern temple built in the modern times still had the same parameters for judging people as in the past. In the Ancient times, India was the seat of knowledge and wisdom, the worlds first university was located here, we had the best astronomers and mathematicians. Then suddenly everything was lost. The modern ideas that we had got buried beneath the sands of time. I cant imagine how mankind can progress unless both the sexes are treated equal. There is a section in Akshardham which praises the women of India on the basis of how pure they were because they considered their husbands as God. Cant women not consider their husband as god, rather think of him as an equal partner, and yet be pure? I wonder how all this blind sexual disparity came up from. It seems that in the ancient times, India was more modern as compared to today.

..92 Days till the end of college life.

~ by sleepwalker on March 1, 2006.

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