India Alive?

There was a candle light vigil at the India Gate to protest against the court verdict on the Jessica Lal case. The common man – right from university students, to housewives & social interest groups came out to participate in the protest. The newspapers have drawn parallel between this incident and the movie scene in ‘Rang de Basanti’ where everybody also lit candles around India Gate. But what has happened really has no parallel – the people of India have taken to the streets to protest against injustice. India is really awakening, but the crux lies in the fact that is this just a one-time protest or will the Indian society rise time and again when injustice prevails, and yes – would this make any difference to high political influence criminals? However those rhetorical “social interest groups” who regularly vandalize valentines day celebrations, were no where seen protesting for the “Indian society” for whom they are the self made body guards. Yeah these fanatic organisations are hell bent on violence, dirty politics and moral policing all in the name of “protecting the society” – these people are no worse than terrorists themselves. May Justice Prevail.

~ by sleepwalker on March 5, 2006.

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