Thursday, the Ninth of March

Its a manic movie crazed world around me. Yesterday, it was “The Graduate” and “Love story” {based on Erich Segal’s novel}. Watched Rang de Basanti yet again yesterday night, a friend hadnt seen it and needed company. Today it was “Hyderabad Blues” – the movie was raw, but then it was nice, have also downloaded “Walk the Line” and would watch that pretty soon.
I have somewhat become an un-contactable person, to the extent of leaving my phone home for more than a day and yet not missing it. This is a complete about turn from less than 6 months ago. Now I seem to dread phone conversations and online chatting. I simply follow the “dont-converse-only-reply” policy until the person opposite gets bored or looses interest. How people represent themselves online is actually just a shadow of their real selves. They act to be what they actually desire to be and this creates some conflict. I seem to really enjoy peer 2 peer contact now. Talking face to face has become quite exciting as its possible to know if the person is genuine or not.
The ninth of March has usually shaken up my world for the better or for the worse, in the past 3 years. This ninth of March was spent peacefully sleeping after pulling off an all night gossip fest with friends. But yes, today saw some decisions being made which might have consequences in the coming times. Life is FUBAR. Resenting the future, befuddled at the past and confused today. Thats me. Forever.


~ by sleepwalker on March 9, 2006.

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