Chronicles of Dirty Pink.

And so Holi came. Decided to celebrate with my college friends at Shipra, the day started with getting ready for holi celebrations, buying gulal and couple of kilos of chicken, visiting friends, waking them up and then celebrating on the rooftop. Played holi till all available water finished, coloured up everybody till nobody was recognisable. Danced till my legs ached and had loads of fun! Finally decided that it was lunchtime and a decent scrubbing was needed before food. Came out fresh clean and free from colour after having a bath and was then dragged out by friends for a second round of Holi. Came back again coloured up dirty pink, had a second round of spring cleaning and then everybody sat down for a heavenly heavenly dose of chicken curry, bird flu or not, all dangers non withstanding for desirer’s of ‘flesh’ ! Everybody was too tired to dance after lunch, so played dumb charades ate gujiya’s and dahi bhalle and lots and lots of sweets. Caught the movie “You’ve got mail” and had a decent well deserved sleep. Everybody woke up in the evening and we all planned to go for the movie “Malamal Weekly” at Shipra Mall. Bought tickets for the mid-night screening and then from evening to night played dumb charades again in the Shipra Mall amphitheater. The movie was nonsensical, didnt like it a bit coz a thin storyline had ben stretched too far. Some movies are not released, they manage to escape!


~ by sleepwalker on March 19, 2006.

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