The scope of Horror!

Whoa! I dont know if I believe in all this but then since its been around for many thousands of years and then after a recent incident involving the BhriguSamhita I am compelled to believe that maybe this science has some logical background. Maharshi Brighu is said to have written down everybody’s life story in the ancient texts many many years ago. Much of the stuff is in Tamil and the text are on wood shavings, not like the normal books but rectangular texts 3 inches wide and maybe a foot long bound together by thread. Maharshi Bhrigu was a Manasputra of Lord Brahma. Recently I had an experience of “Nadi” reading, where BrighuSamhita was quoted and unbelievably revealed precise details about my family and antecedent’s. So then I still cant decide if I believe in this or not because life is a collection of serendipities and coincidences which might or not be favourable. Horoscopes reaffirm the existence of fate, but then fate and destiny themselves are dynamic. My birth chart says that I would be very successful professional, but if I sit at home all day without doing anything, my destiny would obviously change. The conflict in birth charts is that anybody born on the same date and time and same longitude latitude would have the same future. Which means effectively the person born right next to me in the hospital is actually another me! Brighu Samhita simplified this by requiring thumb prints apart from the dates/times and also requiring that some questions be answered so that the correct “patri” of a person can be found. Brighu Samhita has thousands of texts and these texts can be narrowed down to a few depending upon the thumb prints etc. Now each page of the text has somebody’s life story written on it along with some questions, if the answer to all these questions is affirmative then the life story is read out. Negative answer to even one of the 20 odd questions makes the scholar to flip the page and start asking questions afresh. Fascinating!

~ by sleepwalker on March 22, 2006.

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