The real life experience!

Saw a movie at the IMAX theatre, Pacific Mall, recently. It was an awesome experience, watching the international space station in 3D. The third dimension left me speechless, right from the promo advertisements in the starting where the dinosaur decided to open up its mouth right in front of my face, to the end of the documentary about the making of the International Space Station in outer space. Nowadays I am watching a lot of movies, saw Forest Gump – a very serene movie, and “Saving Private Ryan” a very touchy movie by Tom Hanks. I tried to watch “The Ring” too, one of the best horror movies ever made, in fact tried to watch “The Ring” thrice, unsuccessfully, I always get scared and turn it off within the first 10 minutes. Once I decided to be really brave and watch it in the middle of the night with all lights switched off and wearing headphones to give the chills at every scream, but then I again chickened out! Waiting for one of my friends to come over so that I may watch it completely. Saw RDB yet again, this time on my PC. The best part about the movie, the non intrusive songs. Liked the character of the businessman’s son, the best. He stays silent mostly but delivers something meaningful whenever he speaks.

~ by sleepwalker on March 27, 2006.

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