I had been such a lamb, all this time. Saw “The Ring” completely and it didnt scare me much. Sometimes I really do think that there is something as a supernatural world, but then I couldnt be so sure about it coz I dont have much experience in life to have a proper opinion on this subject. I have heard many stories sometimes and even experienced pretty weird things, but I cannot prove anything and so anything that cannot be mathematically proven doesnt exist for me. Is there actually a netherworld? and do dead people really come back to take revenge from the world? There exist plenty of articles on the web and I had read many books on this when I was a youngster- I remember once in the middle of the night I woke up my parents because I couldnt goto sleep as I was very scared.
I am living twice as much each day now, living my life my way. I make no excuses for myself. I move through the world without an apology. Yeah it feels so good!

Its almost midnight and I am trying to copy the gyrating moves of some south Indian actors from a telegu movie “Chatrapathi” song “A vachhi B pai valli”, This song is really awesome, nice choreography and a brilliantly “young” set. It appears to me that a person has to be really athletic and an awesomely good dancer to be in a Telugu movie!


~ by sleepwalker on April 1, 2006.

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