Living alone and living away from home teaches a lot of survival skills, sometimes some of the most depressing moments are spent alone, but then there are some things which cant be shared properly with everybody. In this situation, friends become the immediate family, and everything changes. Sometimes friends provide the much needed distraction away from thoughts. Spoken communication doesnt matter anymore, its everything unspoken and yet understood by people around.
This post comes straight from the heart. I never knew that I would be emotive ever, but now things have changed, sometimes you realise how important family is when you least expect it. Family members are misled by what people say yet they can understand some stuff which nobody can ever fathom. Right from my childhood, my face has been transparent to my parents, they manage to see through every emotion that I might have put up on my face to mask whatever was inside. I really dont know how they do it. There were some events that triggered this emotional post and one of them is the medical condition of a friends family member. I had wanted to talk about lots of stuff here, but then I edited this post cause it would get too personal to be published, and also because the sanctity of my emotions would be lost if I put an effort to somehow convert them into words. Life is actually a discovery. A discovery of myself. Somehow the dynamic situations happening around us cause a change of perception of the world. Life is continuing, the haze seems to be thinning out and finally clearing to some extent. Lately had lacked confidence, but then situations change.

Saw the movie “Kalyug”, its one of the most sensibly done movies in the recent spate of offerings from the Bhatt camp. Emran Hashmi appears to have done the first sensible role of his life and the lead actors have also done very nicely. Kalyug holds a special place in my heart since I used to listen to the song “Aadat” very very often during the days when ex and I parted ways, couple of months ago. Downloading movies has become a passion now and I try to lay hands on any good movie that I can find. Being on a college hostel network always provides new stuff, but then I have never been connected to the hostel network cause I live alone outside the campus. I have tried almost every internet option there is at noida and I remember, about an year back – downloading a 3 MB song took 20 minutes, now I download 100 MB files in 40 minutes.

~ by sleepwalker on April 4, 2006.

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