Bloody seduction!!

First about the first part “bloody”. It was my first time today, he pricked me and the red stuff came out. This was put onto some slides and then a big needle was inserted into my arm, and thus I donated blood at the Fortis Hospital at Noida. An unplanned donation, surprise decision. And I feel so glad, although I am really very very scared of needles and the gooey red stuff running in our bodies. Hemoglobin was tested and now mine is 13.0 which was earlier quite high. I finally gave something back to this world and might help in saving a life.
And the second part of the title shall now be elaborated upon. Saw Basic Instinct 2 today, Sharon Stone is a predatory seductress, strong negative character, thought upon deeply by the script writer and enacted awesomely by Stone. She is still very gorgeous despite the fact that she is more than twice my age.

~ by sleepwalker on April 14, 2006.

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