What women want?

This post is not intended to bash up the opposite sex, but yes nowadays my brain isnt functioning properly and people have overestimated the edibility of my brain and have chewed up most of my gray stuff, so then I ended up writing about females {but I strongly suspect that my brain aint gray from inside}. If you ask any female what she looks for in a guy she shall tick off a list of things on her fingers, beginning with “he should be tall” and ending with “he should be able to make me laugh”. What is this weird addiction to humour when most of the girls cant take it if the joke’s on them. I wonder if any guy has ever wanted a girl who can make him laugh, girls are looking for a joker for entertainment and skillfully manage to blame back the guys if they somehow show an interest in the beauty of a girl. Females are so intent on making themselves look stunning yet when a guy makes this a specific character trait to look for in a girl – they cry foul ranting about guys being superficial. Another major issue with girls is their nakhra’s. The tantrums of most of the young girls…. just uff I tell ya. I wonder if girls themselves have the power to bardasht the tantrums of their own kind. Girls even know how to use their girlhood pretty well right from sweet talking autowallahs everyday, getting professors to increase their marks, using tears to make their father’s do anything, to shirking off work by acting confused and passing off their tasks to others. All this must definitely make a female feel “all powerful”. Girls think that if a guy loves her, he would understand her feelings. In this process girls forget that the guy is human too and not a mind reader. Guys actually never understand girls, males are really simple and do not comprehend the complex politics behind what girls say and want. I sometimes really wonder if girls do understand other girls? or do girls even understand themselves? can girls give a valid logical reason to their own actions? Females have such politics within themselves and I guess they spend a lot of time sorting out issues with each other. Females defy all reasonable logic hence I conclude that research in fuzzy logic computing is the only answer to understand the femalekind. So, in my humble opinion, we can say that a girl’s brain works on the same principle as an automatic washing machine – fuzzy systems.

~ by sleepwalker on April 15, 2006.

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  2. i fully agree to whatever u hav written as per my experiances.

  3. Ankur diplomat ๐Ÿ™‚

    Women are a great mystery abhishek, u can do a PhD on them and yet not even scratch the surface ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. well said sir… no arguments with whatever u’ve said…
    mystery of all mysteries. . . WOMEN… So true…

  5. Hi Ritesh, first comment here I see. It appears u’re from JUIT waknaghat, nice weather there I guess nowadays.

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