What a slob!

Its only a month left for me to complete college studies, graduate as a computer engineer, and leave Noida. The last time my room got cleaned was maybe 2 months ago, and I guess that was the last time it got to look pretty. Now a month after today, I would have already shifted out of this city and the month after that I would be in a new place some 1500 KM from here, at my first job and looking for a similar single room accomodation. So far the stay at Noida, Overseas Apartments, has been quiet and peaceful. I doubt my neighbours even know if I exist. Same goes for college, I am sure many JIIT’ians dont even know I am a student too. I get bored very easily, have a very short attention span. The “daily attending all lectures” routine changed to “one class a day”, then to “a class every alternate day” and now its “a visit to college every week” – primarily to check out notice boards. No wonder my name has always appeared in every “short attendance” list that has adorned the notice boards at the halloed hallways of JIIT Noida. All of my time is spent here, in my one room accomodation at Noida, usually online for a major part of the day. My computer has become my friend / philosopher / diary / entertainment source / cinema / phone / newspaper / radio / cd player etc etc. and sometimes I use it for academic pursuits too which I am sure must be a minuscule percentage of its usage. The VLC media player has flogged many songs to death by playing them over and over again while I am busy eating / sleeping / chatting etc. Blogging started out as an instrument of expression, when I felt suffocated, but It has turned into a method of communication now.
There is nothing that I would miss about Noida or college. But yes I would definitely miss these carefree days and of course my friends. Shifting from the natural jungles of solan / shimla to the concrete jungles of noida was a bitter experience, chiefly because I hate the heat and the crowds. Noida taught me to live independently, to survive without friends and family, to live alone in a small room with nobody for company and yet be content and happy. Cooking is not a problem, I manage on the “dabba” system – the same system that Prince Charles adored in Mumbai, and now maybe he shall make the same system functional in London. I know I am writing crap coz I feel a headache developing somewhere in the extremities of my head.
Disprin, here I come.


~ by sleepwalker on April 18, 2006.

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