Once, I had a dream

I am a dreamer and this is the story of my dreams, those I dream up with open eyes. Sometimes my daydreams are incredible, maybe too incredible to ever be true. I ignore them, I laugh at them, and they seem to fade away. I seem to forget them and go on with daily life. Situations suddenly change, it appears that my dreams can be converted to reality. I run after my dreams trying to catch them. They are within grasp, I try to cling on to them, I work towards making it all come true, it seems as if my fantasies would become real and I get excited. My efforts get a boost with the rush of adrenaline. Everything seems to be going right, and then suddenly things go wrong. Those dreams can never be converted to reality, it was my immaturity, I thought that I could actually live my fantasies. The dreams break apart. I move on trying to convince myself that it was a couple of dreams after all and they were too incredible. They were not meant to be. I shouldnt have had my hopes up. A dream would remain a dream, real life is different. Life goes on, I forget my dreams and move on. Time passes by…… I have more dreams….. and then more disappointments.

~ by sleepwalker on April 19, 2006.

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