The fun ends…

….. today my jazz dancing classes at Ashley Lobo’s “The Danceworx” – ended, I wont be able to register for the next higher level coz of something that happened yesterday and also because I would be relocating outside Noida next month. The dance studio itself was a great experience, with its wooden floor and mirror adorned walls, and I learned many fundae which can be applied in real life too. You should never cheat the floor and you should never cheat yourself. So the fun has ended, end of dancing being the first reason and the second reason being that yesterday, the project on which I was working on for the past 5 months {for final year engineering} got scrapped due to some unavoidable disagreements, arguments, misunderstandings and ego clashes with the project instructor. Now I have to do an entirely different project under a new instructor on a new platform which I dont know anything about and complete this all in 30-35 days instead of the usual 5 months. This translates to 12-16 hours of work each day. Amit and Tanya, the instructors at Danceworx, simply rock, they are just too good, but unfortunately I cant say the same thing about my academic project instructor {or should I refer to him as “ex academic project instructor”}.
I pampered myself a lot today, apart from my daily staple diet of gol-gappe I had momos, chocolates and washed them all down with chocolate milk. I decided to celebrate the bad moments of life too, along with the good one’s.
Hmmmmmmm……… life!

~ by sleepwalker on April 23, 2006.

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