The end of days.

After a sleepless 48 hours and relentless hit and trial configurations later – I have Oracle up and running on my system! taaaaa…daaaa….deeee…!!!!! now also installed the .NET framework and ready for coding action. My desk is a war zone with 2 computers, 2 keyboards and mice. I frequently keep typing into the wrong keyboard.
College days are finally coming to an end as I start my final sem project, the day after tomorrow is our farewell at one of Delhi’s most famous discotheque/pub “Elev8”. The VC of JUIT, is said to have been all moist eyed at the JUIT farewell at Holiday Inn in Shimla, but there wont be anybody who would miss us at JIIT. After we all pass out we would never miss the college too, rather we would miss our friends, the life we spent and the mindless activities .
Got this sms recently “Main student number 33, college ki salakhon ke peeche se is duniya ko dekhta hoon, dino, hafto, mahinoon ko semester mein badalte hui dekhta hoon, is mess se kisi saste dhabe ki khushboo aati hai, baharr panchhi udte hain aur main bhhi sochta hoon ki main bhhi kabhi is jagah se bahar nikloonga, main student number….. ” {this is what I recall, I accidentally deleted this sms}


~ by sleepwalker on May 2, 2006.

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