Anger Management!

This post comes through the eight fingers and two thumbs of an angry mind, set free to vent out its emotions on a keyboard. This post may become hypercritical about a certain personality, but then I write about what I feel like.

Our farewell at elev8 discotheque was canceled by the chairman of a stakeholder organisation in our college, he decided on the students behalf that it is “not our culture to see off a senior batch in such a manner, rather a hasya kavi sammelan in the college ground is an apt method” {he should have termed it that it was not “his” rather than “our” culture to celebrate}. Students were reprimanded for forgetting their culture and their “background”. All of my friends have boycotted the farewell, we have decided to give a farewell to our own selves in a much better manner.

Had “mango shake” for the first time, this season, today at the Tot Mall marketplace. I just love the way they top it up with vanilla ice cream, dryfruits and nuts, but then nothing beats mummy preparation as my mom knows I like it chilled. Going home has been limited to a few hours, twice every month. The project is taking up all my time, the Software Requirement Specification shall be submitted by tomorrow, the next week the Software Development Specification and then implementation shall start on visual basic .NET with an Oracle backend.

Recently downloaded a couple of documentaries on Egypt, the Pharoh’s, tombs and pyramids. This is a topic which has fascinated me for ever, especially the discovery channel documentary on the reopening of Tutenkhamun’s tomb by Zahir Hawass. Also got to know that Shiamak Dawar’s Institute of Performaing Arts, runs jazz dancing workshops in the city to which I am supposed to shift next month. So then the Winter Funk shall see me shaking my non-existant pelvic.

~ by sleepwalker on May 3, 2006.

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