Pillow Words

This post lists the pet phrases {takiya kalaam’s – literally translated as “pillow words”} of some random teachers/instructors/friends/people that I have met over the past 20 years. This may/may not include or be limited to person(s) that i have/have not met at JIIT Noida and/or JUIT Waknaghat. This post is not meant to provoke fun, rather its an account of all the interesting people whom I have been associated with.

Random Brigadier #1: “You shall get all facilities in 6 days or 6 months”
Spoken whenever students asked for hot water in the cold climes of a hill station college, or for tennis courts, cricket pitches etc. {circa August 2002}

Random Lecturer #1: “Please make it sure…..” and “Just check it out”
Spoken during the lecture hours of a teacher who is the jack of all trades, taught programming, computer networks, Data mining, DBMS, CAD, Unix etc. We are sure he would take up lectures of MBA students too when the oncampus business school opens up next session.

Random Vice Chancellor #1: “I will throw you out of the bloody university”
Spoken on all occasions to class bunkers, striking students even as a form of leg pulling and humour, with a smile on his face.

Random Head of Electronics Department #1: “Aawwhhkkaaayye”
Spoken in a deep, cigarette smoke infested drawly voice, as an alternative to the word “okay”

Random Head of Electronics Department #2: “When I was in IIT Rourkee……. ”
Never mind the fact that REC Rourkee was not an IIT a trillion and a half hours ago when he was a student.

Random friend #1: “Relax…. Relax…”
Spoken as a conversation filler, every two minutes.

Random friend #2: “Main kshatriye hoon, main nahi darta”
Spoken almost every day.

Random friend #3: “Abbe tiffin mein kya laya hai”
Spoken in the first period on every school day in class 11 and 12. This person can also be called as a random Jat #1

Random ex-lover #1: “yeh [..] achha nahi hai”
Spoken almost every meeting in a restaurant. Fill in the blanks with the following options {pizza, soup, coffee, burger, pastry, daal, subzi, chicken, sandwich etc.}

Random school friend gone abroad #1: “Trust RTG….”
never knew what it meant, maybe some permutation of his name.

Random college girl #1: “kuch interesting bata na….”
Spoken every phone conversation.

Random south Indian friend #1: “Abbe yaar this is tremendous”
Used to describe all possible things ranging from a female’s attire to the strike in college to dhabha food.

Random female friend #1: “I dont get drunk even after five vodka shots”
Description of everyday life

Random female friend #2: “Ooh No”
Used to describe the traffic situation, non working ASP.NET modules, car keys locked inside.

Random Dance instructor #1: “You shall get it slowly, be patient”
He used to say this in every class, at my futile attempts to find and stimulate my pelvic.

Random Me #1: “Jo hoga dekhi jayegi”
My philosophy of life


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