And the students rebelled! The past 3 years did make me believe that the management is not running the college for the students, rather against them, dividing them and not listening to them. Right from creating separate enclosures for males and females in DJ parties, to creating separate Lunch Dinner mess for girls boys and non hostelers, the management always managed to divide up the students.Yes this place is good for academics and placements are also good. The new VC finally made it possible for girls and boys to dance together this year. I thought that we had seen it all, but then the issue of the farewell had come up now and the students have gone against the management. The farewell was supposed to be in the Elevate discotheque and barely hours before the event the management decided {on the students behalf} that it was not our culture to party, rather there was a rumour that there would be a kavi sammelan in college instead. Today morning when I walked into college, I saw tents being set up. Thoughts of having chicken tikka at Elev8 faded away when I saw a chole bhature stall being assembled at the venue. The sister institute JUIT, in Waknaghat had two parties for its departing batch, one organised by the vice chancellor of JUIT – at the Holiday Inn in shimla and the other too at the Holiday Inn as a farewell. But here, notice boards were plastered with the proclamation “Is JIIT an orphan of the three institutes?” and “This farewell is for the management, to the management, by the mangement”. Nobody attended the event, and the it had to be canceled despite of having constructed a stage, tents, stalls, lights. I know it was unfair to compare against JUIT, yes the people there are broadminded, but the truth is- a college imparting modern education can not be run by prehistoric mindsets. How are the mindsets of these people any different from those hooligans who act as moral policemen for the society? Culture is what everybody does, it cannot be enforced, everybody should be free to decide what their own culture is.

— VC read this and called:
Terror and fear struck a bhola bhala bachha today, when I realised that the Vice Chancellor follows up this website. I saw my phone blinking “VC Medury” on the screen as the standard ringtone of “pehla nasha” rang throughout the room, I had a 15 minute phone conversation with Dr. Medury, over this post. Initially I was thinking “ab toh lag gayi” when the phone rang, but anyways the VC heard me out.

~ by sleepwalker on May 5, 2006.

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