Technically giggly!

In college, on the second floor of the Learning Resource Centre {Library}, all the final year projects of our seniors {who graduated last year}, have been kept for reference. I was having a really bad day sometime back, there was some tension due to the reassigning of my project. I picked up a senior’s project report and found this gem of a quote on the first page – “”I would like to thank all the people who have helped us in this project, especially Mr. [blah blah] and [blah blah] for their invaluable help, however listing all the people who have contributed in the implementation of this software would be an n-p complete problem””….. Such highly technical gratitude!

Found these PJ’s while browsing around
Hindi translations
Microsoft power point – ati sooksham takatwar bindu
Active Server Pages – phhurtiley sevak prishtha
ASP.NET – phurtiley sevak prishthon ka bindu jaal
Visual Basic – darshaniye mool

~ by sleepwalker on May 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “Technically giggly!”

  1. Please tell me… what exactly is a “PJ”.

  2. PJ is a poor joke… in college lingo what we term as “sasta” or “sastey marna”

  3. Poor Joke 😯
    Even then people are interested in telling PJs 😉

    Anyway… good quote 🙂

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