Ek gehra shwaas!

I submitted the Software Design Specifications for the project today, sticking to the IEEE format. Now the implementation {coding} part shall start in VB.net. The instructor seemed particularly satisfied with both the SRS and the SDS, yet this is no way to judge what grade I would be getting for the project, many times in the past good work has managed to produce no results. Now after the coding, I’d have to submit the testing document and then the installation and operating instructions along with the CD of the software I made. Today after hectic 15 days of work, with the headaches, eye strains, wrist swelling, muscle cramps and working on two computers simultaneously, I have a breather of a day before starting coding. Today I can take a “gehri saans” and chill.

‘Da Vinci Code’ movie may be banned in India – it has already been banned in some states, so maybe I shall catch it as soon as it opens at JAM. Religion and politics are so utterly mixed up. Even our politicians are all career politicians, they are actually not leaders of the people. Votes are bought by distributing colour TV’s and sarees. What we need are actual representatives of the people to serve the people, common men like doctors, engineers, government employees, road workers. This strata of people actually know the problems being faced by the society. Instead of such people we have career politicos who are in power as if power was hereditary, they enjoy staying in power and make every effort to be elected again. Ministers should be intelligent people who have really proved themselves in their fields, who have no greed for power, they should eagerly wait for the end of their 5 year term and retire. They should hate their jobs, but do whatever is required to smoothen out the society and economy. Leadership can never be hereditary, but yet we have leaders whose fathers were leaders and whose husband was a leader etc, stepping into politics just because of their popularity, or maybe even a chief minister who made his wife a CM so that power would remain in the family. I really respect the President to this regard, he has proved himself somewhere, he has proved that he has logic. APJ A Kalam has rejected the proposal to extend his presidency, he wants to go back to Anna University and be a lecturer as in his own words “igniting the fires” of young minds. The President is a renowned scientist, while our Prime Minister is a renowned economist. Both of them are humble and down to earth. But the President and PM alone cannot do anything, while the rest of the system is a stinking mass of crap. The government sleeps, but yes the people have awakened. Power is literally traveling to the people with awareness on all issues. Candle light vigils and protests against reservations do not seem to have any politico back drop. The economy is actually growing and the sensex crossed 12,000 points, it seldom used to touch 4000 points 2 years ago. So lets put it this way, the growth that is happening is actually from the grass root level. People have awakened, the economy is progressing, even while the government sleeps. Bureaucrats are interested in amassing hundreds of crores of money so that their ten future generations dont have to even lift a finger to work. Nothing works yet common people are finding their own ways to make things work, inventing new ways to grapple with the mess. The stinking slob of red tapism and corruption shall actually help India progress. Its making our people stronger and innovative.

The “ex-academic project instructor” is going about town bragging how he has managed to kick out so many people who were doing projects under him. Everybody opted out due to his insatiable ego, and thinking that he was rejected by students would suppress his ego all over again. So his thinks screaming at the top of the voice to everybody that he has kicked out people would have a very positive effect on his credentials. Education cannot really give a broader aspect to thought. Even a PhD from Stanford cannot help expand some peoples’ thought processes.

An online dude {whom I have never met in real life} reminded me of a fact of life today. “Kick ass dude, never kiss ass”. YEAH dude thats RIGHT!

{Thinking process inspired from Tam Clancy and ABC}

~ by sleepwalker on May 15, 2006.

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