The man and his machine..

Lessons I learned from computational Sciences.

People are like programs, some programs with beautiful user-interfaces are useless by logic, they display errors all the time and most of their data is incorrect. Some people who particularly take care of outer appearances may have dead brain cells inside and believe whatever they want to believe without caring about the actual reality.

Life is like a linked list, you never know where its going to take you in the future.

Person to person communication is like an inherently unreliable sify internet connection, if a router fails or voluntarily disconnects from a host – other routers may relay incorrect packets down the line making the host computer believe that they came from the correct source. Similarly people also trust in make believe – they care only about the information and not the source where its coming from, anonymous impersonators can feed system any amount of packets while the system believes they came from the original source.

Outdated supercomputers are like academic project instructors, they believe they still have some power, but the fact is current generation personal computers have zoomed far ahead leaving defunct super computers behind.

Windows gateway firewalls are like moral policemen, they filter incorrect information. Every person should have his own firewall to decide what he wants to do and not, whether dancing in discotheques or watching religiously sensitive movies about an artist’s cryptography techniques. My eyes and my mind is my censor board, I decide what’s good or bad for myself.

With the installation of Open Office, the number of open source software products has been ++. My favorite Open Source Software till date – “WordPress”. I support OSS movement…. Yeah! way to go developers!!

~ by sleepwalker on May 17, 2006.

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  1. hey ..
    nice to see a Microsoft VB.NET guy resolving to open source eh .. RedHat ?.. heheh !!! jus kiddin .. nice article though ! I am waiting for the day when you’ll mention about your crush or kinda luv if at all you ever felt you melted into !
    hows life anyways ..? And ya since I’m new into web development or what you call it web page building…I would appreciate your help n comments.

    My first question : ! whats this WORD PRESS all about ?

  2. Yaar had melted into love once, lasted a couple of years, but now I am single once again. Life’s okay, project set to finish by 31 May {optimistically}. If you are just starting off with webdesign then build a couple of plain HTML pages. For a more and dynamic thingie, once you are comfortable with HTML – go for ASP or PHP. really versatile languages.
    Wordpress is the publishing platform I use for this site, can be used as a content management system too.

  3. Hmm..
    So a pre-mature ending of your love life.. anyways .. may god bless you with many more … ! And you get your much awaited gal ..
    and ya. about the web devellopment thing..I need to start from the scrach. Will try working over it this summer. can you suggest me some good and quick online tutorials other than MSDN as they are generally very deep and need loads of sleepless nights to get them going. And i’m already tired exploring “Open Source” technologies on internet from north pole .. just reached the equator of it… hey look …the south pole is calling… !!!!
    Some how found Open Source to be more revealing and tempting.. and some how have begun to hate Microsoft products ..just for the lame reason that they do not allow you to see the cause of any good thing you find in their products unless and untill you reverse engineer it. And with loads of security now a days into their products, Its just like trying to hit a bull’s eye.

    Have resolved to Linux since some time and my HDD has everything but Microsoft !! heheh !
    Hope Bill Gates doesn’t read your blog !!
    Anyways .. all the best for your project meanwhile I finish up with my exams too.

  4. very well written šŸ™‚

  5. @praval: msdn is a bit useless it provides complex solutions for simple problems, anyways simple html can be reversed engineered , just “view source” some web pages which you find interesting, is also very easy see the 4guysfromrolla website, even can be put up on a webserver. me doing from some reference books – coz project needs to be submitted fast and I didnt have the time to explore.

    @ankur: drawing comparisions between real life and comp science is becoming an unconcious activity now šŸ™‚

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