Lost in translation!

Working on Visual Basic .NET is turning out to be quick and dirty. The language is pretty easy, and its not that I am cribbing about it – thats a positive for me as I have very little time to finish the project. The language is very versatile, but then I am already bored by it. VB is pretty easy for a development language, so I guess thats the reason why newbie script kiddies rely so heavily on it. A programming language too can draw a parallel in the real world. I know many people whose think in Hindi and then translate it to English when they speak. Something similar is happening with me. Try as much as I might, despite of coding in VB for more than four days, I still cannot think in VB. I think up everything in C++ and then translate it to VB with the help of books and websites. The software I am writing in VB, is for a call centre {BPO ?}. I still cannot give that respect to VB which I hold in my heart for C++ or JAVA.

An incident happened today evening, which again involves languages, translation and maybe a BPO. Noida is choc-a-block full of call centres. In the evening, a shift changes and when BPO executives, leave their offices – they head straight to the Tot Mall, with their bags and plastic neckwear – RFID cards/access cards. One such young lady with the ID card of a nice BPO around her neck came to the milk booth where I was standing in line, and asked the booth attendant – in designer american accented Hindi – “bhyaa low-fat buttermilk deynaah”, the attendant looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face “aapko chaachh chahiye ka maidum ?”


~ by sleepwalker on May 20, 2006.

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