Goodbye Stuff

College is finally over, completed computer engineering. Panel viva was on this week for the final semester project, and many interesting incidents happened. A freshly transferred lecturer, from a sister institute, was taking the viva of a group who had made a project on data transfer through bluetooth, and she asked “kya yeh IR ke liye bhhi chalega?” {will this work for infrared too?} the entire lab full of students, hid their faces and chuckled quietly! ofcourse students hid their faces not out of respect or courtesy, but because there was a possibility that the same panel might take their viva too, so nobody wanted to take a risk by annoying the panel.
About my own viva, I took my CPU to college, as JIIT doesnt have .NET or Oracle. the female teacher said that she didnt have time to look at the code or a demo, and I should show her the presentation instead. At each slide she cross questioned if the screenshots were real or a dummy, when I offered to show give her the demo of my software she refused but then again the next slide she asked the same stupid question “I cannot understand properly what you have made, but I shall not see the demo or the code” finally I had to insist somewhat rudely that she make it convenient to see the demo and take the viva properly. anyways, God knows what grade shall be given to me as the teacher had no idea about MIS applications or decision support systems, the viva was a short 10 minute affair and most probably all hard work went down the drain. I hate this place a bit more now, and I am so glad that I shall be shifting to my job at Hyderabad in 15 more days.
There is only one teacher so far that I admire in college, and he is just awesome, too bad he has now resigned and wont be there from the next academic session. Once, for the software engineering project, the students showed him all documentation and all ‘class diagrams’ and when the code was shown he got very angry as the code was in ‘c’ and ‘c’ language doesnt have classes – so obviously he knew the entire project was fake.
Left Noida for good now, shifted to Delhi, said my farewell. although would visit shipra mall once again on 10 june for the rain dance. shipra mall has been a good friend, in the corridors of which practical jokes were perfected, ice creams eaten, birds watched and late night movies planned. Had said my farewell to the CSM at sector 18 – 2 weeks ago, for the last time I had floated down its halloed escalators, CSM has been a good friend too but since Shipra Mall opened up right across CSM seemed to be a bit far away.
The day when the project ended, I was very happy. Everything around looked fresh and bright. All senses were elated and I was free …. freeee…..
but then the truth hit me so hard in the stomach that it knocked the wind out of me. I was bored, had nothing to do, no activity to divert my mind, nobody to keep me away from myself……. nobody to share this happiness with. I was lonely……


~ by sleepwalker on June 3, 2006.

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