Within and Without

Within a few days, I shall be a small wheel in the entire machinery of the Great Indian Software Factory, but however I do not feel comfortable about this fact. Software engineering does not actually exist for mass-hiring companies, rather its just body shopping for them. ‘End-to-end solutions’ actually means ‘we only code, we dont innovate’. Mapping the Computer engineering field to a civil engineering field, the coder is actually the ‘raj mistry‘ who builds the walls, he does not create, he follows whatever he has been told. I feel really confused, is this my destiny? Is Computer Engineering only about working next to a chemical/mechanical engineer on a banking / hospital software and then moving on to networking / java after 3 months in body-shopping companies who recruit by the thousands every year? how am I different from a diploma holder from institutes’s like aptech and niit? such institutes also teach coding, or is it the lure of cheap highly qualified labour which leads such companies to absorb engineers and MCA’s and make them work on impossible deadlines just so that they get business from abroad?
Well dizzy, you manage confuse yourself more and more every single passing day.


~ by sleepwalker on June 9, 2006.

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  1. Really… I am also unable to understand about tight deadlines… too !

    One engineer said, due to competition… software companies promise their clients a shorter deadline… and the same number of employees to do the same work in half the time…

    So ofcourse it becomes messy… 🙄

    Anyway, good luck 🙂

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