Leaving Home

The countdown hours shall soon enter single digits. Packing is almost finished, but I have to visit college tomorrow morning to get a grade sheet which seems to have suddenly gone missing. Today my parents sat me down and told me some stuff about work life which I ought to know. I dont know when I would come back at Delhi, but I shall be gone for atleast 3 months and then maybe they shall give some days before posting me elsewhere in India. I leave behind a 93 year old grandfather, whose 94th year of life shall start on July 4. I dont know when I shall see him again, he is not feeling well – he has a cold nowadays and is very weak. Here’s wishing a very long life ahead to Daddy – my grandad.

I wished farewell to Shipra Mall – day before yesterday – gliding down its halloed escalators for a final time and also watching “chup chup ke” at the multiplex. The movie broke the threshold of my tolerance and I was forced to abandon it near halftime. Some horrible movies definitely are not released, they manage to escape. Tomorrow, I leave around 3 PM for my journey to the Corporate World. Said my goodbye to the Vice Chancellor – Dr. Yaj Medury, he stepped out from behind his office desk and gave me a hug. I wont stop blogging, but this is an ‘ardhviram’, coz I have to get a computer and and Internet connection at Hyderabad to blog again – but again maybe the company just might allow browsing during free time and I’d just might be back to blogging within a week, or maybe I wont be able to blog for a long time and the spam comments just might pile up promoting pharmaceuticals and gambling.

Farewell Delhi. I dont know for how long I’ll be gone.


~ by sleepwalker on June 17, 2006.

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  1. Good Luck !

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