Alice in wonderland

The title describes my exact state of mind in Hyderabad. I have learned to like and appreciate Hyderabad a lot during the past 2 months. Life’s hectic while weekends are fun. On a more abstract level, everything is a continuous rollercoaster ride of friends, masti, work and sleep. The typical day starts at 6 AM, getting ready for office in a smart corporate dress code, corporate formals on Tuesdays with neck ties et. al. for client visits and meetings, business casuals on fridays and bindaas casuals on saturdays and sundays. have to report at the office bus by 7:45 am and then its a 25 kilometer ride to the outskirts of Hyderabad, singing and having fun as if it was a college picnic and not an everyday travel to the workplace. traveling through hamlets villages and fields, on narrow roads – the volvo buses bounce so hard that it seems as if we were all traveling on bullock carts. And then we reach the post modern campus of the company having golfing greens, a zoo, swimming pool etc etc right within the office premises. Working on external sites is a bit different. Office starts at 9 AM and goes on on till 6 PM. Countless cups of tea and coffee keep the spirits going and then once its 6 PM, its back inside the buses for the one hour journey through jungles and villages – singing songs and watching the sun set from the windows. Reaching home – its a struggle to strip and jump onto the bed. Weekends are fun, roaming by the Hussein sagar, the lawns at the waterside are just like the India Gate lawns. watched a couple of movies Pokkiri {Telegu}, Krissh, Omkara, KANK, Superman etc etc. Recently watched KANK, the worst ever movie made. In all Hyderabad has been an enriching experience – Interacting with lots of people – a task which I thought I wasnt capable of, and living without Internet/computers , another task that I thought was impossible. Discovering new people is one of the most exciting aspects of my Hyderabad Life.. But yet I am a kid at heart…. all I can do is wait for myself to grow up and till then enjoy as much as I can.


~ by sleepwalker on August 20, 2006.

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