Yeh Duniya Mast Kalandar!

Getting into the groove for working for the world’s second fastest growing economy has been, so far a very exciting, revolting, interesting, enjoyable, emotional, awakening, bonding and revealing experience. This long due post shall roll out slowly, as I attempt to describe the tizzy in which the past four months flew by and the indignation of the clock to let the next four days tick away.

Time has seem me transforming into a supposed extrovert, as a friend mentions in an orkut testimonial, from a serious guy to a raunchy and hyperactive character, from a quiet and silent laddie to a childlike, brash and talkative guy. Well of course this works against me too like the incident in the Indigo Airlines flight from Hyderabad to Delhi on 19 October, and shall be described as this post flows on and on.

Hyderabad is a city which is pretty lazy and this sometimes works in its favour as the people tend to be more relaxed as compared to Delhi. The best part about Hyderabad is the cheap transport in three wheelers, Delhi autowallaha’s fleece badly, but most Hyderabadi’s run by the meter, Hyderabadi cuisine is good, and the non-veg around Charminar area is awesome. The city is safe even after midnight which is a boon for the mixed gang of guys and girls, I hang out with. Its awesome roaming around late nights around Hussein Sagar, watching the sunset at Shilparamam, walking home from Kaboora’s after dinner, or just generally walking the girls home after a marathon masti session.

The worst part about hyderabad is the traffic, its almost impossible to cross any road, motorbike riders have no driving sense, there is a dearth of traffic signals and nobody pays heed to the traffic policewallah’s. One certain night I witnessed three road accidents at the very same spot near Eat Street, within a span of an hour. Hyderabad has been more than a geographical change for me, its changed me as a person, its changed perceptions and most importantly its made me light hearted. Taught me the value of friendship, and taught me humility.

Some things that I discovered in Hyderabad:

1) Roaming by the Hussein Sagar: Hussien Sagar is one large man made lake, and adjacent to the Hussein Sagar are long parks aka India Gate’ish lawns of Delhi. Much time was spent in these lawns, talking with friends, relaxing during the hectic training days. Playing blindfolded – (honestly kids do that, not software professionals, but then we did it all), playing truth and dare (once a guy was asked to be the pole while I pranced around him, being a pole dancer), watching kids play, and staring at the stars while lying in the grass.

2) Bird watching at eat street: The girls are also interested in the type of chicks that we like to stare at, and have become quite expert at it, so its not uncommon to hear “dizzy udhar dekh vo white wali achhi hai” emanating from the lips of a female. Chit chatting and leg pulling at Eat Street, with the girls periodically glancing at their watches (sometimes they have to reach their PG accommodation before the late night deadline and cant always take liberties), walking out tired, piling into autos and heading back to SP Road.

3) Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad: Awesome biscuits, confectioneries, cakes pastries etc. Disappointingly Karachi Bakery has one the rudest staff that I have ever seen, and sadly they dont even believe that customer is King. This has turned me off, even though Karachi Bakery might be 50 or so years old but then times are changing and bad attitude wont get them anywhere.

4) Morning Shifts: When training ‘shifted’ over to the morning shift, I had to get up at 4:30 AM to get ready. It was after a long long time that I saw the sun rise. Morning shifts is one of the best shifts, highly productive and shortest in time span.

5) CUG Mobile plans: Outgoing free to more than 4000 phones in Hyderabad! The organisation that I work for, has this Airtel-CUG thing which all employees can avail of and since calling within this CUG was free so millions of hours were spent talking to friends.

6) Beauty: Realised that beauty does not mean low rise jeans, bustier’s, backless tops or off shoulder dresses, there is a huge difference in being confident and being domineering, between acting genuine and actually being genuine.

7) Charminar: Did you know that there is a very old Laxmi Mandir at one of the four walls of Charminar?

8 ) Koti: Books, Novels, Indian reprinted editions, pirated versions and that too dirt cheap, All sorts of books available.

9) Golconda Fort: The fort was really good, and the history part of the fort was told to us by the voice of Amitabh Bachhan and Naseerudeen Shah during the sound and light show, found a couple of guys from Google roaming around the ramparts of the fort, chatted with them. I loved the fort, as it is I am attracted to such things. There is a huge stone room in the fort, if you whisper in one corner of the room – the sound travels through the walls and can be clearly heard if you place an ear to the wall in the opposite corner of the room. I wonder what happened to all the knowledge we had in Ancient times.

10) Sher-e-Punjab: The best Dum-ka-Chicken discovered so far in Hyderabad.

11) Hyderabad Central: Expensive place to shop, wud rather prefer the cheap factory outlets at Karkhana, but then Central has been the place to hangout on Saturday nights.

12) People: In general found out that Hyderabadi’s tend to be cool – mostly….. and people from Tamil Nadu and generally very touchy about their state.

13) Anand / Sangeet Theatre: Small crampy seats, negligible air conditioning, mosquitoes, smoky projector, unsatisfactory sound, upmarket decent crowd. strange.

14) Dakhini: “Kahan koo jana ko yaroon”. Dakhshini Hindi, addictive.

15) Pokiri/Bomerailu: Telegu Movies – cute female leads, nice stories, good choreography.

16) Indigo airlines: Rude, discourteous co-pasengers on midnight flights to Delhi.

17) Office: Deadly silent, like a library, people mostly talk in a mix of Hindi/Urdu/English and bits of Telugu Strewn in. Enjoyable colleagues, cool and intelligent. Foreigners strolling about, chatting on google talk, pretending to work, freaking out on the tenth floor cafeteria for long intervals.

18 ) MCAD: I became a Microsoft Certified Application Developer in SQL Server 2K3, Visual Basic.NET and XML Webservices.

19) Mamaji: Held my niece for the first time, took lots of photos, she’s beautiful and very cute!

20) Me: And so everything led to the discovery of “me”.

In Delhi since Friday early morning, my first visit in four months. Have to return back to Hyderabad by Wednesday evening.

~ by sleepwalker on October 22, 2006.

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