Restless and suchlike

I have always liked my life, the way I live carefree, the way my parents scold me, the way my friends get frustrated with me. Yeah, I love it all, but many a times I do end up wishing that I had somebody else’s life instead of mine. Maybe there is too much I want to achieve, too soon. I wish things would pick up and progress at breakneck speed. Hyderabad I turning out to be one of the good cities I have been to, its nearly 6 months now. Right from the day I first set foot in Hyderabad, to the first time I wore my employer’s Identity Tag (that was a good feeling), to the first time I got a salary and the the first time I got an increment. It has been so far a pleasant and enchanting experience, but I am impatient to achieve more. Today happens to be world AIDS day and red ribbons were distributed in office. Just back from breakfast – Aloo paratha with spicy mango pickle. Bored and restless.


~ by sleepwalker on December 1, 2006.

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