Plain John.

Today the prime minister is in Hyderabad, strict security, the policewallah’s made sure traffic was smooth. Hitched a ride with a friend to Hi-Tec city. The new Pulsar sure has nice shockers. Usually I travel by the local train as it takes only 15 minutes and journey by road takes more than an hour. The train passes exactly perpendicular to the airport runway. yesterday it was a “Rang de Basanti” as the train passed below an aircraft just taking off. Standing on the door of the train I could see the fuselage just a few feet above me. Life’s pretty robotic now and can be classified to distinct activities like waking up, getting ready. traveling to office, having breakfast, working, having lunch, working, traveling back, sleeping. Nothing new. It seems as if stability is attained, as a friend put it. But I’d say that its stagnancy not stability.
(Plain John = male version of Plain Jane?)

~ by sleepwalker on December 5, 2006.

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