Cutting Edge Technology!

Went to watch Casino Royale last week. The movie looks as if it has been brutally cut, slashed and murdered by the censor board. Why does the government decide on moral policing adults? Well yes the most common argument is that no moral policing leads to indecency and lawlessness….. so I guess the onus of not being able to maintain law and order rests on the shoulders of movie goers who have to watch a discontinuous tale despite of shelling out more than a hundred bucks to watch the movie. This bond movie doesnt have the thrills and chills of the earlier versions, but does have some quick quips. Shifted to a apartment place last week and the weekend was spent washing up lots and lots of clothes. I guess there is some attitude problem / insecurity / inferiority complex / superiority complex, with the girls who live in the apartment on the floor above ours. As soon as either UT or me go to the terrace to hang clothes up for drying, they run to their house and quickly bang the door shut lest we eat them. I guess they probably think we are criminals / murderers / rapists / cannibals or the like. Planning of putting up a notice on our door “We are normal people”. I will get an mp3 player tomorrow, yeay! no more getting bored in office.

~ by sleepwalker on December 11, 2006.

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